The Dynamify Wireless Dermatoscope consists of

Dynamify Software Dermatoskopie


The Application is the software provided for a precise image documentation. It can be accessed from every workstation in the network through a current browser.

  • All localisations at a glance 
  • First and following records (micro and overview)
  • Assignment of the picture on body map with one click
  • 2 and 4 times picture comparison
  • Highlight of special lesions
  • Commenting of localisations
  • Patient PDF with all pictures
  • Export of individual pictures
Dynamify digitales Dermatoskop (digital Dermatoscope)


The Cam communicates directly with the Cube through WIFI, thus enabling your system to work fast, secure and stable. All recording functions can be controlled directly on the camera.

  • Contact-free charging
  • Touch-usage
  • Micro pictures with up to 30 times magnification
  • Overview pictures
  • Compact case for easy cleaning
  • Display for easy positioning
  • Magnetic contact conus
  • Easy positioning due to quadratic contact disc
  • Calibrated colour


The Cube is a small server that provides immediate access to the Application for every browser in the local practice network without requiring internet connection. All patient data are stored in the Cube.

  • Strong performance micro server
  • Local and central data storage
  • Back-up functionality
  • Silent and little energy usage
  • 120 GB storage (always extendable)
Dynamify Cube
“The Dynamify Wireless Dermatoscope embraces all requirements and wishes.
One huge plus point for me is that I can use it anywhere – in different rooms – without restricting cables which hinder patient examination.
Due to the very effective software workflow and the easy handling, it is a powerful tool for me.
The simple “plug and play” setup and the various price models offer an easy start in sequential dermoscopy. The Dynamify Wireless Dermatoscope is a small and beautiful device covering all dermoscopic needs.”
Prof.G.Argenziano, Past President of International Dermoscopy Society - Naples, Italy